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NovelAI Tag Experiments


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Ever since DeepDream in 2015 I’ve been fascinated by what AI can generate and spent hours upon hours playing around with different generators and trying to learn how it works. I’ve tried out most of the big ones (Latitude, Night Cafe, Crayon, MidJourney) across multiple iterations and been fascinated by what can be produced and reproduced. When NovelAI released their generator I was very fascinated by it. By this point I had experimented a bit with running my own Stable Diffusion generators locally to learn more about the inner workings of how the “brain” behind it works.

So, I did a little study for myself to try out using the exact same prompt and seed, with only slight adjustments, and see what output I got. On this page I’ve connected all images generated for these experiments, together with a short explanation for each.

As long as I do these experiments I'll keep adding them here, so keep an eye out if you find this helpful or interesting!

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