What we are

Just as there is beauty in darkness, there is darkness in beauty. Seen from the right angle, everything tends to be quite dark and harsh. However, keep looking from that same perspective, and you will realize that this harsh darkness is indeed quite beautiful. Also, introductions tends to be quite pretentious.

This is the homepage of Erebus. A collective of people who when they meet tend to share their darkness with one another and and say things like “Oh, dude, that sounds so cool! Let's record that and make dark ambient!”. We are few, we are many, we are no one.. No one take credit, no one gets left out. Once you've made a song together with us, you are a part of us and everything we do you have done as well.

We are the sum of our creativity. Everything you see here is made by us. The music, the pictures, the videos. Everything done is released under creative commons as by-nc-sa. However do remember, simply by remixing us you are not part of us.

What we have done

At the moment, we have not produced a whole lot. So, to simplify, we just put it here at the moment. In the future the homepage will probably evolve, and by then, it will be placed elsehow.

Name Links
Commuting from Work Video, Download
Ink in Motion Video, Download
Lucem in Tenebris Video, Download
Najader Video, Download
Session 1-3 Video, Download, Download long version
Tartarus Video, Download
Things That Make you Tick Video, Download
The Fathomless Space Within Video, Download
You Tear My Heart Out Video, Download